Huge ecological change - How do we survive?

Psychodramatists in Europe and all over the world - join us in this seminar

Climate change, global inequality and loss of biodiversity are threatening the future of the planet and humankind. We are inviting psychodramatists to gather in order to deepen our personal and professional understanding, and our willingness and ability to work with these questions both in our respective countries and internationally.

”Moreno often made reference to the 21st century, claiming that although his ideas might be premature for the twentieth century, the next century would belong to him. He envisioned a totally integrated world in which science and religion would contribute in their own way to bring humanity to a better and more tolerant place. The world is well immersed in the 21st century, and it is quite scary. Moreno`s contribution and legacy might be of help.”
(Rene F. Marineou, Ph.D, PEF, lecture at Daimon`s 100 year anniversary celebration in Vienna 2018)

An integrated and inclusive approach is vital. People with different worldviews and understandings need to come together in a collective endeavor to help both the planet and humankind survive. Awareness of our tendency to avoid these burning questions is needed in order to be able to face the realities in a creative way.

How do we work?

Ken Wilber`s integrative approach is offered both as a source of fresh inspiration and as a framework. Each day we will work with sociodrama in a large group, together with 3 Finnish scientists. Playback Theatre will also be used. These themes will be continued in the afternoon in two groups of 20 participants. In the evening, more personal sharing and work will take place in small groups of 10.


The detailed program will be available by 30th April.


Ystävyyden Majatalo ( is a modest countryside location 96 km from Helsinki. Vegetarian/vegan meals will be provided. No private rooms available.


By bus from Helsinki; private transport may be available with local participants.


600 Euro; this includes the conference fee and full board.


If you are interested, please register as soon as possible since we will fill the slots (40) on a first come first served basis.

Registration in web: 


Here you can download the leaflet: Download leaflet

You are warmly welcome!

Sirkku Aitolehti, Reijo Kauppila, Marjut Partanen-Hertell, Päivi Rahmel and Kirsti Silvola (all Psychodrama trainers TEP)

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